Becoming a Staff Member

Becoming a Staff Member:

Our staff is made up of two groups.  We have paid staff members (high school age and older) and we have “coaches in training” consisting of 6th- 8th graders.

Coaches- in-Training: 
Becoming a Coach-in-Training provides children with the opportunity to learn and practice the qualities of leadership, responsibility and commitment.  Coaches-in-Training are expected to speak-up, set a good example and support all aspects of the daily functions of our camp.  They are required to show up 15 minutes before camp begins each day with their coaches’ shirt on and need to be ready to teach and support the campers as they learn and grow throughout the day.
The 4 main requirements:
1) Must have completed 6th, 7th or 8th grade.
2) Your child has participated in at least 2 camp sessions
3) Your child must be able to attend the mandatory “Coaches-in-Training” Clinic – July 15th
4) Your child can commit to all five days. 8:45am – 2:15pm.
There will be a $35 fee for Coaches-in-Training to cover the cost of a shirt and lunch for the week.
If we feel, at any time, that your child is not displaying the qualities of good coaching (as listed above), we will ask that he or she not return for the remainder of the week.  Our Mission is to not only teach basketball skills, but to also teach the values of teamwork and sportsmanship and therefore, we expect our coaches to always support that mission through their behavior and attitude.

Safe At Second:

If you are 21 or older and are working our camp, please click on the following link to complete the “Safe at Second” form.  This is required to work our camp.

Click here to access form.

Need Community Service Hours for School?

Working our camp is also a great way to earn “Community Service Hours” for school.  Our entire staff completed their community hour requirement for school by working our Christmas Camp last year!