First Annual Give and Go Christmas Camp

YIKES!!  Your child(ren) are going to be home from school soon and you aren’t ready for Christmas!  Your family or your in-laws are coming into town and you need to clean the entire house and get groceries!  You have been so busy, you just want to grab coffee and/or lunch with your husband, a family member, or friend.  You’ve always wanted siblings to find gifts for each other but you can never get to the stores with just one child at a time.

Don’t worry… send your child(ren) to us and give yourself a chance to get those final things ready for the holidays.

Who:  4 year olds – current 5th graders.

When:  December 20th and/or 21st.

Time:  8:30am – 1:30pm

Where:  Second Baptist Church

Price:  $30.00 per child for one day.

$50.00 per child for two days.

Campers will be given a snack and a hot dog for lunch!  They will also enjoy games, crafts, contests and more!!